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Auckland Tree Works safely and efficiently takes care of your Tree Removal needs.


Tree Removal

At Auckland Tree Works we pride ourselves in tree preservation and safety.  However, there are times when trees need to be removed.  If trees have become too large for a site, are dying, diseased, affected by storm damage, dangerously over hanging housing or are to be removed for construction.  Our experienced team can safely and efficiently remove large and small trees.  Call Auckland Tree Works today to help with the removal of trees in various ways dependent on the size of the tree and access.  We are highly trained and work according to industry best practice, this includes the use of cranes for trees that require it. 

Site Clearance

Auckland Tree Works specialise in safe and efficient site clearances, no matter how confined or difficult it may be.  We have extensive experience working with construction companies, property developers and customers seeking to develop their sites.

Tree Pruning

and Trimming

Careful and appropriate trimming and pruning methods are utilised by our experienced team who complete the task at hand without compromising the health or aesthetics of any size tree and in any location.  Auckland Tree Works has the skill and technique to ensure that we can balance the weight of tree to restore its health, improve its aesthetics and help it grow efficiently. 


Our services include:

  • shaping

  • pruning

  • crown reduction

  • thinning

  • windowing

  • crown lifting

Hedge Trimming

We are experienced hedge trimmers and take into careful consideration your requirements and goals that you would like to achieve with your hedges.  From creating boundaries or achieving roadside appeal we are happy to assist and to do so with aesthetic precision.



and Supervision

We offer consultancy services which include arboricultural reports, assistance with Council consent and the supervision of works around trees as required for some public and property development work.

Stump Grinding

Stumps and the connected root systems can affect underground wiring and plumbing.  Stump grinding will stop regrowth, improve the garden aesthetics, remove a potential hazard and enable you to develop your property or site.  We provide a stump grinding service which you may request following the removal of a tree or from a previous removal.

Trees and Regulation Updates

Did you know that since 2013 Tree rules and regulations have changed?  

This may mean that your tree has no protection or may require a consent for work to be carried out.  Auckland Tree Works has established strong relationships with the Auckland Council planning teams, so please get in touch for advice on how to proceed while receiving a free quote.

About Auckland Tree Works

Specialists in Aboriculture with a commitment to quality and safety.

Auckland Tree Works has evolved into one of Auckland’s leading Arboricultural providers with a broad range of services.  Our family run company is managed by Eli (owner and lead Arborist) who has built a strong reputation in the industry with over 20 years of experience. 


Our experienced team of Arborists provide tree care services with a commitment to quality and best practice.  Auckland Tree Works is Site Wise registered and approved with Liability Insurance. 

As a family business we offer a personalised service for our clients.  We pride ourselves on professional and friendly service and customer satisfaction.   Our relationship with our customers are important so that we understand their needs, the end result they are looking for and so that we can deliver this to a high standard in the most cost effective manner.

At Auckland Tree Works we also strive to be environmentally sustainable.  Where possible timber and tree waste is re-used and cut into firewood and the mulch available for gardens.


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“We have used Auckland Tree Works at our school and have been very happy with the level of service provided. Eli and his team are always very professional and friendly and take every precaution to ensure that the work is carried out safely. Their work is of a high standard and we would definitely use them again if we need to.”

Sarah Mirams –Principal East Tamaki School


Fully Insured

Site Wise Registered & Approved

Member of the New Zealand Arboricultural Associtation

Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced


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