Our team at Auckand Tree Works have experience in various aspects of tree care and maintenance. We have the right tools and expertise to complete all work - from light pruning all the way through to difficult removals. We also have full liability insurance so you can rest assured that you are protected from any eventuality. If any of the following services sound like what you need, don't hesitate to get in touch for some friendly advice and a free quote.

Tree_Removals_2.jpgTree Removals:

Where a tree is dying or is dangerous in any way, or where it has grown too large in an inappropriate location, removal of the tree is often the most appropriate option. Similarly, where pruning options are limited the removal of the tree may be the best action to take. Our arborists are experienced and capable of removing all types of trees, even those in difficult locations! We have the right tools to ensure that any tree removals are completed safely and to your requirements.


Careful and appropriate pruning of a troublesome tree can greatly change the appearance, and can remedy many problems caused by unwanted growth. Correct pruning can allow for more light penetration, improved shape and appearance, and can greatly improve the health of a tree.

There are many ways a tree can be trimmed, and often such work can be undertaken without compromising the looks of the tree. However it is important that a skilled arborist is used in order to avoid a poor result. Our arborists can advise the most appropriate pruning option for your trees. Our pruning services include crown reductions, dead wood removal, thinning, canopy lifts, windowing and limb removals.


As part of every job we do, our staff will chip the limbs and brush from the job and will remove the waste. This means your property is left in a clean and tidy condition. If you have branches that have already been cut and you require them to be removed, we are more than happy to remove these for you while on site at a very competitive price. This option is almost always easier and cheaper than other alternatives. Just ask us how we can help.

trimming.jpgTree/Hedge Trimming:

Do you have trees that are too difficult or too high for your gardener or hedge trimming contractor? We have specialist equipment that allows us to trim trees to an excellent standard and our work speaks for itself. Just ask us if we can help with your tree trimming or hedging requirements.

Stump_grinding.JPGStump Grinding:

Once a tree has been felled, a stump will usually remain that may take years to rot away. This can be a nuisance for future garden work, contruction plans, and even lawnmowing. Auckland Tree Works offers a stump grinding service that can solve these issues for you. Once we have removed the tree, we can grind the remaining stump and leave the area tidy and usable. Similarly, if you have an old stump that you would like removed then we are happy to come and give you a quote for grinding.